Why We Don’t Write Press Releases

Once you’ve read this you’ll understand. More importantly, you’ll think differently about how to market and publicise your business.

It’s a regular occurrence at Cloud Nine PR & Marketing – the phone rings and it’s someone asking if we can write a press release for them. Inevitably they want to publicise an upcoming event, new product, a service launch or similar. Our answer is ‘no’!

Why? Because the crucial element to a successful release is the story you want to tell – often referred to as the ‘hook’. Irrespective of our lovely writing, if there’s no hook then there’s no point.

So whether you offer me £50 or £1,000 I will not write you a release if I know, even before my fingers touch the keyboard, that it will not achieve what you want it to achieve.

It looks something like this:

no hook + great writing                       = no coverage or engagement

great hook + poor writing                    = possible coverage

great hook + great writing                   = lots of coverage and engagement

The variable of success of your release is the hook. Ask yourself is this really news? If you were not directly involved in your business would you be interested in it?

With a little scratch of the surface – there probably is a much better story – a great hook that will gain traction, publicity and engagement. A better idea or angle that will give you the ‘show and glow’ power that PR and marketing is all about.

I’d much rather help you find that gem of a story. I’d much rather look at your entire business and help you understand how to use the wide variety of PR and marketing communication tools and channels – to the best effect.

Think differently about your PR & marketing.


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