Our day at Let’s Do Business, Brighton Race Course: It’s a winner!

In advance of Lets Do Business Eastbourne, we thought a recap on the whirlwind delights of this year’s LDB Brighton exhibition was a good idea. Its always great for a browse, meeting up with old contacts, making new ones – and of course gorging on all the chocolates and cupcakes you can eat! My colleague, Kate, managed to hold off for at least 10 minutes but I fell at the first hurdle – pretty appropriate as the event was held at Brighton Race Course.

The Cloud Nine team was only at the event for a couple of hours – had to race back to our stables for a client meet, but we still managed to cover a good few furlongs among us.

Gemini Brighton– a fab ‘can do anything’ printers – was first on our race cards. They were there with colleagues from their sister company Gemini Press. Gemini Brighton, formerly Andus Print, has recently rebranded to flag up its Brighton & Hove focus and its impressive green credentials. They reported that the ‘going was firm’ and they had seen lots of their clients and had some great enquiries regarding new business.

Cupcakes in hand we headed off to Yelo Architects that had an amazing display of work they were undertaking in the Brighton area. We had a quick chat with the young architect manning the stand who said she was half way through her seven year training period – just goes to show what experience you are paying for when you engage professionals to help with your designs.

The boys at Wonderlabs SEO were on good form and explained to all visitors to their stable the delights of search engine optimisation – a market place in which they are specialists.

Our friends at the Argus, Sussex Business Times , South East Business Magazine and the newly renamed Brighton & Hove Independent were all out in force and it was great to swing by and say ’hello’. It’s amazing how good it feels to actually see people face to face that you speak to so frequently on the phone, or engage in email chases with!

One of the most educational visits we had was to the stand of Merlin Environmental Solutions. The owner was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable about his trade. He was telling us that his son is flown all over the world to get rid of pesky little bedbugs – it just goes to show – glamour can be found everywhere – if you choose to see it!

Sarah Edmunds Legal Services was also another great stop off. She explained that her and her staff simplify the law to their clients and concentrate on providing a super-quick service to clients. To draw people to her stand Sarah has cleverly engaged a silhouette portrait artist, Charles Burns, who did an incredible cut-out profile picture of my colleague, in what seemed like a nano-second. It was amazing to see her side profile features transferred onto the black card before our eyes. Suddenly it was as though Princess Diana had returned from the grave – because that’s exactly what thes profile looked like – must get her an evening job as a Diana lookalike – she could buy some more Hobbs dresses!

We had many other chats that are too numerous to mention. On our tour round the course we spoke to representatives from some of Brighton’s best hotels, catering companies and entertainment businesses – all very useful when planning events for our clients.

Last but not least we touched base with the Clerk of the Course, so to speak – Jonathan Dolding and Graham How – Head of exhibitions and events for Let’s Do Business. They reported a great turn out, which only goes to show people still love getting out there, engaging and meeting others in the world of business. All the social media in the world can’t hold a candle to a good old-fashioned chat, a cup of coffee and a cake.

We were on the home straight but there was still time to touch base with our friends at Shoppers Anonymous Sussex, who have the winning format to improve almost any business where customer service is vital.

Regrouping the Cloud Nine team in the car park, there was finally time for a Steward’s Enquiry – just who had consumed the most calories? If the chocolate around our chops was anything to go by I think Kate and I were joint favourites!

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