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Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Working with Kate and Cloud Nine is a real pleasure.  Cloud Nine’s PR knowledge and expertise is incredibly valuable in pushing forward Marlow’s global PR and Communications strategy.  We have had a great deal of success this year so

We have had a great deal of success this year so far thanks to the hard work of Kate and her team who have been a tenacious force ensuring that targeted, quality content is shared to the right audiences.

E Donovan, Marketing Manger

Hotel PR

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

“We set up and opened The Driftwood in early 2017. Cloud Nine PR has been an integral part of our success.

Hotel PR, Restaurant PR

“Without the help of Cloud Nine PR , I really don’t think we would be where we are today. For a new hotel and restaurant business starting from scratch, Cloud Nine PR achieved the amazing! The icing on the cake is that The Driftwood Bexhill has now been recognised by The Sunday Times as one of the top 10 places (bed & breakfast) to stay in the UK.

“Our profile and PR appeal was carefully and creatively managed by Cloud Nine PR to achieve maximum exposure; locally, regionally, nationally, internationally and within the travel trade sector too. From The Daily Telegraph to the Evening Standard, influential bloggers to highly successful promotions, interviews and reviews –  The Driftwood is now firmly on the radar of our vast target market.

“I recommend any business wanting to grow and generate great publicity to speak to Cloud Nine PR.”

Seng Loy, The Driftwood Bexhill 

Chandlers Building Supplies

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017


Kate and her team approach our PR with enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Cloud Nine has lifted our PR, from a sea of somewhat unexciting press releases, to create stories and PR campaigns that are receiving excellent exposure, traction and engagement in both the trade and consumer media. They are also even being talked about by our employees!

I am impressed by the understanding of our brand and the creativity shown by Cloud Nine to come up with news worthy stories and angles in what is generally a very traditional industry. The value of the media exposure; traditional, online and social, that we have received so far this year far exceeds what we could have achieved from advertising.  

Sue McKinney, Marketing Manager, Chandlers Building Supplies

3 ways to supercharge your Twitter hashtags

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Hashtags were suggested on Twitter back in 2007 by designer Chris Messina as a neat way to group similar conversations together. It took off on the platform shortly afterwards and eventually, the rest of the social media world followed – including Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest.

Chris Messina

Most of us include simple hashtags in our own posts. For example, if you’re a local business, you could include your town hashtag. And if you sell ice creams, you might add #icecream. This means that anyone searching for those hashtags could potentially see your tweet, rather than just your followers. But hashtags can do so much more than this! Read on to find out how to take them to the next level…

Trending hashtags

Not all hashtags are created equal. The trends bar on the bottom left hand side of your twitter page shows the hashtags that are currently ‘trending’ (attracting the most tweets).

It’s worth bearing in mind that this only shows you the top 10. For a wider reach, try or Trendsmap is a great tool for highly targeted marketing as it shows the most popular hashtags by geographical location.

Tapping into one of those conversations is a great way to instantly expose your brand to a large audience. There are some rules though! Number one is to research the hashtag first. Pizza company DiGiorno jumped on the #WhyIStayed hashtag, without realising it was being used to talk about domestic violence. Although the company apologised afterwards, this would undoubtedly have damaged their brand.


And some more rules… Don’t hijack the tweet by randomly adding it on to an unrelated post of yours. It must be relevant, and it’s best to steer clear of controversial topics.

Take a look at the fun way Doritos used the hashtag #sharknado3 from the cult American films to tap into a specific demographic:


Brand hashtags

If jumping on the bandwagon isn’t your thing – invent your own. For example, KitKat use #mybreak across all their social media sites. This helps define their brand (fitting in nicely with their ‘have a break, have a kitkat’ slogan) and lets fans find and engage with them. Alternatively, you could use your company name (if it’s relatively short). Do your research first to check your hashtag is unique, and that it chimes with your brand message.


Campaign hashtags

You can of course invent numerous different hashtags for specific marketing campaigns. This helps create a buzz around a campaign or competition, and lets your fans do some of your marketing for you!

For Coca Cola’s hugely popular #shareacoke campaign, the coke logo on bottles was swapped with common names and nicknames. Fans shared thousands of pictures and stories online using this hashtag, helping Coca Cola reach far more of their target market than they could have done on their own. It also paved the way for endless spin off campaigns (see below).


So to sum up, the humble hashtag can help your target market find, engage and share your brand online, expanding your reach and your customer base. Used creatively, it’s a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Remember, don’t overload your post with hashtags. Around two is the limit. More than this and reading the tweet becomes impossible. It also looks very ‘salesy’ – a big no no on social media.

How have you used hashtags in your marketing campaigns? Let us know!

If you’d like more advice on this, or any other aspect of social media marketing, please call us on 01323 325357.

Hastings Adventure Golf

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Like many privately owned companies we do not have the resources or expertise to manage our own PR. With some scepticism we decided to enter the PR world. We enlisted the help of Cloud Nine PR & Marketing and have not looked back since!

We have found Cloud Nine PR to be both approachable and understanding to the needs of our business. At no point have we felt a power struggle in terms of what we deemed best for the company or the direction we see our business heading.

Importantly they have been extremely open to our suggestions whilst also providing good strategic advice and great ideas. Without their creative input we would not have gained such great exposure this year.

Cloud Nine has assisted us heavily in improving our social and on-line presence whilst also achieving a wealth of very valuable publicity on national TV, national newspapers, in print and online, targeted regional media as well as radio and of course our all important South East – Sussex and Hastings media.

If you, like us, are unsure I would recommend giving PR and these guys a go – you won’t regret it.

A big thank you to Kate and the team at Cloud Nine PR and Marketing. We enjoy working with you guys and are looking forward to next year!

Simon TompkinsManager, Hastings Adventure Golf


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